Operational Archive - Precis
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  • Xiu Tan Long, commonly known by mesh tag “Xiu Xiu Kitty” begins recruitment aboard Scum Flotilla “Fish and Finger” after a devastating attack incapacitates one of their three largest habitat ships.

    —Though the original source of the attack is yet unconfirmed, it seems likely at this stage that this attack was engineered by Long to ‘encourage’ action aboard the Flotilla.—

    The flotilla discovers an empty O’Neill cylinder, which they colonise the near segment of. Exploring the far side of the cylinder, they find what appears to be a Pandora Gate, despite no previously documented mobile gate facility. Soon after contact was lost completely due to massive nuclear explosion. Previous intercepted transmissions confirm this was activation of a failsafe set up by Long’s team.

Through negotiation, blackmail, and trading they secure a ship. Eshu creates a fork to pilot the ship, henceforth known as War Rocket AJAX.

One half of the team, including Eshu, splits off to the projected location of the Mobile Gate. There, they intercept it and retrieve it, in the process cleansing it of an unknown xenofungus as well as the possibly exsurgent corpse of a prior team operative.

Meanwhile, the other half of the team prepares a housing facility on a heavy-metal rich asteroid. During construction of an internal base, a previous bore is found, through which is revealed a cache of possibly alien artifacts.

—Finally explaining what happened to X334-Harajuku, I suppose.—

  • Xiu Tan Long tasks her team with retrieving the gate library from a little known exoplanet currently inhabited by petalcrafters, and subsequently destroying the entire colony. Her rationalisation is that the cell has exsurgent ties. After infiltration, the team activates a plasma failsafe – bypassing security measures – to flood the entire dome with superheated plasma.
  • Xiu Tan Long makes personal appearance at the asteroid, retrieving two previously unknown items from the cache and opening a gate to a previously uncharted exoplanet. There she attempted some kind of alien or exurgent apotheosis. Her recruited team decommissioned her and sealed the gate. Having previously flipped Ajax, the rest of the team was inducted into the fold.

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