AKA The Prism through which Humanity's Light may Shine


Ex-exhuman. University lecturer. Inclusivist.

Muse: Beneditch Bandersnatch – can’t pronounce penguin.

Faction: Exhuman

Morph: Liquid Steel

Motivations: Ego Improvement, +Survival of the Species, + Personal Influence, -Being Inferior.

Cog – 35
Coo – 20
Int – 15
Ref – 20
Sav – 5
Som – 30
Wil -25

Mox – 3
TT – 10
Luc – 50
IR – 100
WT – 9
DUR – 45
DR – 90
Init – 7
SPD – 3

Strengths: Fray (85), Freerunning (60), Freefall (55), Infosec (70), Interfacing (60), Kinetic (50) and Seeker (80) weapons. Despite Academic interests in AI Programming (75), Cross Ego Integration (85), and good old Psychology (75), Prism is surprisingly inept at practical Psychosurgery (25).


Ex-human ego-splicer/freelance agent. AGI programmer and extremophile who works these day with an ego integratin group on Fortean, but is currently back Sol-side to participate in a lecture series at Universities in the Titanian Commonwealth. A chimpanzee uplift, Prism was designated the name “Monkey C” by the microcorp that uplifted him. During the shitstorm during the Fall, Monkey C;s microcorp collapsed and he found himself a free agent on Mars, with access to a bunch of skillsofts.

Deciding that if he could be uplifted from chimp to transhuman, he could easily go further, he farcast out to th ekupier belt and began running with the exhuman clades and packs in that part of the ystem. During this time he experimented with and became and expert in ego fragmentation and integration, and utilised this technology to try and develop his own capabilities beyond the limits of his “natural” state. But the “survival of the fittest” pack mentality got to Monkey C, and he decided that transhumanities strength is in its collectivism.

Deciding that all transhumanity needs to progress together if they are to survive (adn that fragmenting transhumanity will only lead to the destruction of all). So he’s farcast back to the Titanian commonwealth, signed on the open-source research agreement, and changed his name. Now The Prism through which Humanities Light may Shine works in public research, in psychosurgery and ego-fragment integration research.

At least until something more interesting comes along.


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